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7 Spiritual Laws For Success

As I (and hopefully you, dear readers and listeners) spend 2018 on the radio once a month, sharing and listening to the female voice. As we discuss subjects which some may consider inappropriate or offensive or uncalled for. As we ask women (and men and the non gendered), to move out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to work towards defining and achieving their happiness, regardless of the internal and external obstacles to that strive. I would also like to offer ideas, commentary, suggestions that will hopefully support and aid that journey.

Deepak Chopra wrote a book called “The Seven Spiritual Laws For Success,
A Practical Guide To The Fulfilment Of Your Dreams”. Like all of his books it is a modern encapsulation of ancient ideas and principles. The book tells us that when we understand our basic nature as human beings, then comprehend and apply the basic Laws of nature, every(any)thing we want can be created. This is because the Laws that nature uses to create (us), will also create the fulfilment of our deepest desires”

To achieve this we need to spend some time every day (an hour is optimal) contemplating. He gives Laws upon which to contemplate through a week.

If you want to understand each law in depth or what DC has to say about them and/or contemplation, you will need to read the book.

Contemplate this Law on

Sunday– Pure Potentiality – Commune with nature. Spend time (minimum 30 minutes) in silence. Silently witness the intelligence that is in all forms of life.

Practice non judgement

Monday – Giving: – Bring a gift, compliment, a kind word (at least 3 people). Gratefully receive all gifts (advice, compliments, life lessons). Make wealth circulate by giving and receiving care, affection, appreciation and love.

Tuesday – Karma*1: – Cause and Effect. Every action (what you do) returns in like kind. Choose actions to give to others that which you wish to flow to you.

Wednesday – of Least Effort: – Release the need to defend your beliefs or opinions. Take responsibility for your situation. View ‘problems’ with gratitude as lessons and/or opportunities. Accept people, situations and events as they occur.

Thursday – of Intention & Desire – Make a list of your desires. Trust that there is a (good) reason when things don’t go your way. Every intention and desire carries within it the mechanics for its fulfilment.

Friday – of Detachment – Uncertainty is essential, it is the path to your freedom. Allow solutions to spontaneously emerge. Force will block the natural flow. Allow yourself and others to be exactly who and how they are*2.

Saturday – of Dharma: – To give is to get. Make a list of your unique talents. Lovingly nurture yourself. Ask ‘How can I serve/help’

The literal translation of karma is action
People will tell you that your karma is your thoughts your words and your deeds. However it is your thoughts in as far as they determine your actions. It is not what you say about people it is what you say to them (your intention) much more even than how you say it. In our society people are caught up in the appearance of thing (say it nicely, politely).

But if, (and it is) the true meaning of the word karma is action then my life has taught me that the saying has much more importance than the how*3. If you wish to change your karma – you need to change your actions. Changing how you see things and the inner dialogue will definitely prepare the way but alone your view and dialogue can only create change when they create action(s)

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