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Spring is the time to Connect with Earth, Cosmic and Goddess energies for use in your daily life and over the coming year. Spring is the time for wishing.

Summer is the time to and activate and/or accelerate these same energies to bring wishes, dreams into plans and/or plans into manifestation. Making wishes into reality

Beltane is the high/halfway point between Spring and Summer, having energies of both as one turns into the other, it is an energetic furnace (as are all Sabbaths,) that we can tap into.

The Xtians stole and bastardized the teachings of the Goddess.

The word marriage derived from the word for man is un-placeable in Her system for any longer than one year and one day.

The ‘one day’ is so that you cannot re ‘marry’ the following year!

Beltane is in truth the time of the ‘Sacred Pledge’.

A pledge is to and with and for anyone or anything. A common pledge is to oneself. Now often diminished to a New Year’s resolution.

A Pledge is a sacred vow to do or refrain from doing something it is also an agreement to accept a forfeit, fine or punishment for failing.

For those moving into adulthood attending for the first time the Major ceremonial/ritual worship festival of the Year was probably as terrifying as exciting. Many chose to wait until this Celebration to first taste union with another.

At the Beltane ceremony they would finally have the last piece to understanding the basis for the belief system and set of daily and yearly rituals they had observed all their lives. At this the First Great Sabbath of the year.

It was common practise to pledge to one person for the first year of sexual exploration (usually men wanted this of women) in common law ‘marriage’ for a year and a day.

They had felt the tensions rising in first in their parents and then in the community and the changes after, the renewed energy, determination, general joy in the community. They got inklings or asked questions and probably also had it explained. They were all taught and encouraged to begin these explorations first alone in privacy with themselves.

In the Worship of the Goddess the notion of virginity is unknown and unvalued. A person who does not know how to pleasure themselves cannot engender the energetic bursts and flow necessary for a Cone of Power

So another word for marriage could be ‘manned’

To concretise your manifesting and give yourself a boost in your self actualisation process. Do a Beltane ritual, you can do it alone of with others. It can be as formal, informal, ritualistic as you like.

Check out all the different correspondences that are possible like colours, crystals, animals, you can choose elements from Spring and Summer and use a few or as many as you can and wish in your ritual.

The Great Goddess mates mightily and lustily with the young green Horned God of the forest from this union will come the Winter King at Yule taking the energies inward. This energy is outward, opening, inviting, demanding

To the North

The fertile Goddess of Summer walks through the land
With the Great Horned God of the Forest, hand in hand

To the East

As They are one, They become one.
As They become one, They are one.
And I am also one with Them.

To the South

As the cup is to the wand

As the earth to the sun,

To the West

Joined. Bring happiness

to our blossoming world

To the Centre

femme   homme    homme   femme

Magnetic to electric

Their union fertile and productive

Make a fire, make wishes and intentions, pledge to your beloved, your job, your career, yourself, your apartment, your yoga/tai chi/ chi gung practise, solfege, ? lessons whatever for a year an a day. Have some food and some drinks, get nekid and or make love if you feel the calling.

Celebrate the turning of the year after this day the Wintery chill is gone until the ending of the year if we all make enough heat to burn it away for good


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