Heli St. Luce

Heli St. Luce voorheen bekend als Lennie aka Maxi McNaughty is een duizendpoot met altijd een vleugje feministiche, liberationist, tint erbij. Creatrix, therapeut, schrijvster, coach, facilitator, genezer, workshopontwerpster, spoken word artist, zangeres, paganistische boeddhistische fundamentalist.

Radicale ideeën, een heel andere (vaak uitdagende) manier om de wereld te bekijken en wat nodig is om haar boven boogdoel te bereiken. Een andere manier van leven op onze planeet; een humanistische, vreedzame wereld.


  • De zonsondergang

    Kijken naar de Zonsondergang is een uitstekende manier om kennis te maken met mediteren. Zelfs met iets dat zo veranderlijk,…

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  • What to do with the old Great Goddess

    This was a presentation in English for Alwareness some years ago. Once there was only the Great Goddess. The first…

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  • Being Safe

    Violence against women and girls it turns out has hit an all time high during the lock down. The lock…

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  • Eostara

    The Wheel of the Year is turning again, with this turn comes the Vernal Equinox, Spring, or Eostara. At this…

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  • A call to change

    You can’t escape your past and you can’t change who you are. Of course you can change who you are…

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  • Women’s voices

    Reading some non fiction recently Something I find I do increasingly It said that some people use their memories to…

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  • Autumn/De Herfst

    Autumn is the time to: reap what you have sown, Give thanks for the harvest and the bounty the earth…

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  • Black Women Brewing Craft Beer?

    Sometimes some (blak) women wanna get into some places where I am convinced that the desire is born from the…

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  • Food Activation

    Food Activation – Erika Tangari’s SOL (Secret of Life) This information in this article is not intended to replace the…

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  • A (New/Different/) Better Way Of Eating

    Iam interviewing, reviewing or writing about predominantly women (and possibly some men) who I find, inspiring, interesting or think need…

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