Sydney’s territory

You might have been all over the world

Thinking you’ve seen it all by now

Might’ve thought it was easy to start a dialogue with this “gorgeous colored girl”

Who speaks without apologizing for making you uncomfortable

Because comfortable you were

When you approached this girl

But when your superior bodylanguage was spoken into existence

Your privilege left your side

And soon learned you wasn’t talking to no girl

You awakened a black princess

Whose being guided by her queens

The grass ain’t green on this side

You won’t find no collard greens

In the concrete jungle she know’s best

She studied everything in her surroundings

And showed up packed for the first test


Chocked you with her wisdom

Killed you with her kindness

And buried you with her calmness

Another sip from your brown liquor won’t save you here my man

Welcome to her playground


Jemario Scoop

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