Heli St. Luce

Women’s voices

Reading some non fiction recently
Something I find I do increasingly

It said that some people use their memories to torture and beat themselves us
I do that.
More people do not.

Some people can utilise their memories to facilitate growth
Inner harmony, development and spiritual peace

I’m going to learn to do that
Many people cannot.

Some people believe that they are intrinsically evil
That any good they do has a negative twist

If you dig deep enough
Others say that these people were damaged as children

That an important link in some chain was broken and that this belief
Fashioned and then was fostered by experience.

I’ve head that some rare souls believe in the intrinsic goodness of all people
They know this to be true of themselves

I like that idea.
A significant portion of people believe that there is a man creator

A single, all powerful entity who, with intention shaped this planet,
This universe, this world and everything in it

I do not.
Everywhere I look on this planet

Nature is an awe inspiring whole
Consisting of billions of little pieces that fit themselves together perfectly

To create an intricate variety of beauty
Yet humanity struggles perpetually

To create disunity,
Struggle and misery in a rich multiplicity

If there was a female creator she would not,
Surely could not allow

Her so called greatest creation to endure such continuous pain
For nowhere at any moment on this planet as we know it

Is there a solitary nano second where not one being suffers
Anything that consciously made this/us

Did so, I believe with and for love
I do not, cannot not, will not, refuse to believe that any decent parent

Would allow their child to suffer incessantly
Even for their own growth and good

Therefore the One Man God is a construct for control and suppression
I do believe in a mystic law and responsibility

The possibility to see everything from another point of view
I believe in ability,

That with conscious choices
Humanity can turn

Pain anger and suffering
Into realisation, learning and joy.






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