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To Live & How

I was very interested to discover in a tv series that suicide is not illegal in Germany and hasn’t been since the 17th century. Coming from and having in lived in countries where the illegality of taking your own life is a foregone conclusion, I realised that notion had always raised questions and resistance within me. Why is it not OK to decide when you are done with life?

The episode in the quick chasing, high octane series, dealt with a young woman who in revenge for her younger brother committing suicide after having been bullied by a group of popular young people, sets out to bully them into doing the same. She tells them that everyone will know their darkest secret(s) and gives information e.g. how to make a noose or the best ways to kill yourself, therefore what she is doing cannot be seen as threatening them and because suicide is legal the police cannot prosecute her. The moral sub tone of the episode, which was of course partly funded (and I would say influenced) by an American production company was of course, that the notion of suicide being legal is somehow wrong and irresponsible.

I do not agree. I think denying people the right to decide whether their life is worth living is wrong. One of the main reasons of course is because the notion of suicide as wrong or sinful is an One Man God (OMG) concept. I am diametrically opposed to pretty much everything monotheistic religions or the state advocate proposes or stand by. Our society within those Abrahamaic structures restrict personal freedoms and give little if any protection.

I don’t see how making killing yourself illegal (but attempting to is not illegal in the UK) protects other people.

I do hope that no one thinks ‘but, it protects people from being emotionally hurt.’ Because that would be a stupid reason for making a law. And in the light of the current schisms around self id, the ‘dead naming’ debate and other issues around for trans people, clearly it is an idea that has raises resistance in the justice systems currently in existence.

I don’t remember the first time I felt that there was something seriously amiss with the way that the world worked and operated. I know that it was during some horrid event where it was clear that an adult was being hideously unfair and that there was no one who would stick up for me. and that being a child was a) no protection and b) invalidated any of my efforts at self defence.

I do know that I couldn’t have been more than 5 when it became clear that most adults were not only stupid and ignorant but actually ‘ignore’ant, mean, selfish and untrustworthy. This was confirmed by a wonderful nun called mother Philomena, who remains a top example of an exception which proves a rule. I seem to remember that she was a different kind of nun to the others – she had been in the world and then chosen to retreat and dedicate her life to helping ‘fallen women’ and their children.

To this day I strongly feel that hierarchical, monotheistic and Abrahamaic religions create a foundation and framework that is life denying, oppressive, inhumane and generally destructive in (the structures of) our society. It is surely in total contrast to the supposed messages of peace and love that abound in Christianity. We, humanity are constantly (allowing ourselves to be/) being encouraged, directed, steered and pushed into displaying and living by the most bestial of our traits and abilities.

For this reason I term myself a Liberationist, which means that I do not follow any particular theoretical line of thought. Probably anarchism comes closest to what I believe but as a practising Buddhist of deep faith I think that Mahayana Buddhism and the theoretical groundings of anarchism have pretty much the same aim and objective.

My goal is to dismantle literally – un-clothe and take apart the systems and thoughts of behaviour within individuals that keep them enslaved. Most people seem to be enslaved to – materialism, self hatred, fear of ‘the other’, belief and/or assumptions of superiority. Most of these are rooted in the belief in a Abramaic, One Man God and adherence to the rules their particular OMG proscribes.

I think that only one of the ten commandments has any real value and stands up to a rigorous examination, that is the rule that from the moment it was passed down has neither within or outside of the bounds of the nation and/or laws of the Israelites has been adhered to – ‘Though shalt not kill’. An unequivocal, simple, humanistic law on which to found, frame and shape a community/society.

Have you seen pictures of ‘priests’ blessing the weapons (and pretty much anything else)? http://www.pravmir.com/the- http://epicpew.com/25-

How soon after Moses came down with the tablets did the Israelites start killing? It has continued unabated ever since. I think maybe it will not end until there are enough people prepared to die rather than do violence to another human being……

Am I one of them? I’m not sure.Are you?

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