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Cellphone or Smartphone?

I am not saying or asking you to throw away your smartphone after watching this video,nevertheless I would suggest to take a moment to watch this and then take some time to really
thing about it.

The first wireless phone a saw was of a friend of my parents who had a high executive job and had a wireless phone that was Like a toolbox to carry around. The thing was big and heavy with a long antenna and a full phone-horn on top,

Years later I saw the first handheld wireless phone during a visit to the USA. I friend of my girlfriend had the latest Motorola cellphoneT,he had the size of a big soapbox, a retractable antenna and was a flip model with an even bigger interchangeable battery.The battery had to be interchangeable because the talk time on one battery charge was relative very little.

I still do remember the time before I had a cellphone,not even a smartphone, and yes the world and life did go on and we managed to do all the things we had or wanted to do.

I vividly remember the moment when I decided to buy a cellphone. I was not with the early wave of buyers !
I was on my way to work and stuck in traffic. It happened more and more. I was watching every minute on my watch as I was running late for work and I was not able to warn my employer.

I even could not exit the traffic jams to make a call from somewhere. After a few times that I was in such a situation I decide to buy my first cellphone and I only used it for emergency situations for more then 2years. It also was still relative expensive to make calls so I only had a prepaid SIM in it, as my use was almost none.

I also remember the different publicity campaigns coming up more and more as how this new device was giving you more freedom.And yes in one way it was. The publicity machine got full steam as more models and different brands came on the market.

And more and more people were buying a device they really did not need, but as a gadget or to feel more important,.Later it became almost a status icon to have one, if you didn’t you were behind.
With time the age of buyers and users spread down more and more to younger people and even children.
In that time calls were still relative expensive and therefore more people were mostly using text messaging SMS
It was a pain to type a message and limited in characters per message.
So words got replaced by abbreviations, shortcuts and icons.
Then the full keypad was introduced on s d by the Blackberry, what made texting way easier.Ok, I sail not go on further on the change in technology over the years all the way to today’s cellphones. I think you see to point.The big revolution came with the introduction on the Apple iPhone.
And other brands couldn’t stay behind.

Each time something new was introduced and the marketing machine was turning on full power people felt like they needed the newest and latest because it was so much cooler looking, more options, faster, better screen,better camera, better sound, better connectivity, ….

It became a must have item.
And now we already see and experience the next step where more and more the cellphone is taking over things from before with different Apps.

Ok, yes it’s nice to have all that in your pocket and at your fingertips but at what price !?
Before it was only the price of the device and the cell services. But that is no longer the only thing anymore.

Remember the campaigns around – cellphones give you more freedom ?
Well after a while it introduced the opposite of it. You lost your freedom ! You were always reachable and it was expected to have your phone on almost all of the time so work and other people could reach you.

Now you load different Apps on your device and to be able to even use the App you need to accept certain ‘rules’ that give away your freedom, your privacy.

Also more and more Advertising is based on how you use the net and your smartphone.

Unlock your phone with fingerprint … you gave your print to them !
Unlock your phone with face recognition … you gave that also into a database.
You’re doing a really good job for them, with them ‘Big Brother’.

And then comes with 5G the ‘Internet of things’, the all connecting cyber-world where privacy will only be a vague memory ?

Do not underestimate the impact of all this new technology !!!

Can we still stop it or is it already too late ???
Will A.I. soon take over ???

Think about it.
What are you willing to give up for your fancy convenience of access to the all controlled net ??……

So many many many ignored people who still think there is no danger to all this !!!!!!!

Neo Vd Velde

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