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The main bulk of still extant writings about the Goddess who was once worshipped over the whole of the planet comes mostly from ancient Mesopotamian hieroglyphic tablets. We also know of Her worship because of the numerous effigies of Her found internationally.

In Mesopotamian She was known as Ishtar. She is called Ashtoreth, Asherah or Queen of Heaven in the bible. Aphrodite is one of many Greek names for Her. Another title was Holy Virgin.

The term virgin had nothing to do with having physical/carnal knowledge of men. It meant unmarried, as in not having taken part in a legal, civil ceremony which binds a woman to one man.

The function of the Holy Virgins was; to quote from Barbara Walkers ‘Women’s Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets’ ‘to dispense the Mother’s grace through sexual worship, to heal, to prophesy, to perform sacred dances; to wail for the dead.’

To emphasize a point I will be making again. Up until the advent and bloody destruction that is the trade mark of the followers of the One Male God, our sexuality, our ability to have pleasure and to create pleasure with others was known to be sacred.

This was what set us apart from animals, this was the aspect of us that reflected, showed our closeness and connection to the divine. Unlike the animals around us our sexuality was not bound or tied to a season or a cycle. It was ever present, ever accessible.

Our brains intellect/intelligence/logic function is flawed and fallible. Differing vastly in quantity and quality from person to person, these functions cannot be relied upon as an indicator for peoples as a whole.

Our sexuality however, our connection to, dependence on, need to express and experience pleasure is totally universal, it binds all humanity with very little exception.

What the followers of the One Male God have done is to disconnect us from and then portrayed our sexuality as wicked and threatening. Our view of sex has been and is distorted.

Many forms of sexual expression notably anything that is just about pleasure rather than procreation is portrayed as evil and blasphemous. The One Male God churches have regulated every part of our sex lives to separate us with guilt and fear from our sexual natures.

Our true conscious is completely bound and intertwined with our sexuality. Is there anyone born in the last 400 years who has free, untroubled access to the sexual part of their nature? I say no.

The largest single group on the planet at this moment in time are women from around 45 upwards. Most of those women are (post) menopausal. At this time women can finally have sex without the worry/fear of an unwanted pregnancy. This is the time.

Yet many women by the time they get to this age feel they are done with sex. Far too many have no interest in expressing their sexuality unless they think they look decades younger or are a the tool of a man’s sexual demands/needs.

How many women listening are disgusted, offended, shocked by the idea of female masturbation? How many of the women listening avoid touching and think their genitals are disgusting, ugly, smelly, dirty?

How many women have had some kind of surgery or mutilation that cut through or across the sexual zones of their bodies. Breast surgery, genital mutilation, stitches after childbirth?

How many women think that their body hair is disgusting or unhygienic whether under the arms, pubic, facial or on their limbs?

How many women feel comfortable or would feel unfeminine directing their sexual partner, taking control of the act?

I wonder if there are men listening who find that idea offensive? I do not mean indulging in fantasies, games or S&M. Being told by a woman what to do in bed or whatever location you might choose. Women directing men to facilitate their experience of sexual pleasure.

How many women have been told by men that they know better what women like and if a woman expresses dislike or a lack of enjoyment or an unwillingness to participate in a particular act how many times have they been told that there is something wrong with them or that they should try it or do it anyway?

How many women (and men) are there who actually didn’t or still don’t realise that women are also supposed (or are capable of) enjoying sex?

A man once told a story of how when his girl friend was ending the relationship she would just lie like a log when they were having sex. My response was; but you carried on and only commented after. In my personal opinion and actual experience with my current partner, if my mind drifts off

Even momentarily everything stops. If I am not fully present at any moment of love making there is no more love making because as far as they are concerned there’s no point if one of us is absent.

To be (all) aware and conscious is to come to an acceptance and understanding of ones own sexual nature and to connect our intellect and intelligence to our individual sexuality.

To be (all) aware and conscious is to accept the shape, form, failures and triumphs of our bodies, to celebrate the body’s ability to give and receive pleasure and to focus on finding ways to make the giving and receiving of pleasure on all levels the core of our reason for being.

That in my opinion is true consciousness. A fully alert, sexually focussed pleasure seeking and
giving two legged guardian of the planet.

This true consciousness is the core and foundation of the Worship of The Goddess

Heli St Luce

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