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I want to believe

From my early years I always was, with up and downs, interested and engaged in what is called New-Age, the esoteric, the quantum world, etc.

With interest I followed the work of different people and I myself also gave lectures and workshops.
I understood that I was pulled into a lot of information because I was looking for answers and that these things I found were pleasing my needs so to say.

Only many years later when I started to look more into the work around the holographic nature of our so called material world, the possibility of parallel worlds and multiverses, my look on all changed.

With that I reflected and pondered a lot about all my believes and suppositions from before. I looked at all I learned with a new perspective and as a complete outsider and sceptic.

In regard of New-Age themes, different energetic dimensions, so called higher and lower beings, ET’s, UFO, … There is so so much information being spread and repeated in different ways BUT out of all that information there is not even 0,5% actual proof!

I changed from being a true believer to an “I was to believe but show me proof”.
For those who know, take, for example, a look at what people like David Wilcock, Drunvalo, Corey Goode, even Laura Eisenhower (just to mention a few) and others, bring out.I know that they have a lot of followers, but that may not give you the false idea that they are telling the truth or have proof of what they say.

Listen or read anything, from whatever source, and question everything ; where is this information coming from, what is this based on, is it verifiable, can it be and is there proof of it ?

If it was ‘truth’ would there not be more people aware of it and coming forward with proof of it ?

Yes, the truth is repressed in many cases and in many ways by those who don’t want us to know the truth, but nevertheless their attempts there would be more coming forward then we see now.Do your own research and put those things with scrutiny under a microscope and bypass your previous believes to be able to observe from a neutral point.

Make up your ow mind and don’t be a parrot like so many.
I stand for my believes till someone can make me believe different.
With that always an open mind.

Neo Van de Velde

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