We all know the word.
We all think to know what it means and stands for.
But do you ?
And if so, do you apply it in your life ?

Respect has a broth spectrum, well … it even reflect on everything in life.
It’s not only in regard of relationships, it applies to all we do and experience.
And it becomes more rare in our todays society.

If we all would know the meaning of RESPECT and apply it throughout our day, we would see a totally different world to live in.
Also there would not be the need for so so many rules, regulations and laws.
One of the lead thoughts to keep in mind is, “Do not to others how you would not like to be treated.”

An other one is, “Don’t make promises you know you can not keep.”
It also has a lot to do with what we understand under personal freedom.

And RESPECT also goes two ways !
I don’t really care what you do and how you live your life, as long as you don’t take my freedom away with it.

Just as an example – You have the freedom to smoke, that is your personal freedom and your personal choice. BUT when your smoking affects me ! then that becomes a problem, because you have the choice to smoke or not at any given moment, where I have no choice when I have to inhale second hand smoke.
If you want to listen to music and play it loud over amplified speakers where I can hear it too, then it becomes a problem as I maybe (and probably will be so) do not want to listen to your music. There are enough means these days for you to enjoy your music (and even together with others) without having to bother others with it. There is no need for even more noice pollution in this world !

And on that note of pollution, … when you can carry a full bottle, can, bag, rapping, with you to somewhere, you sure can carry it some further when it is empty. (to the next available trash bin) Don’t make our world an even bigger dumpsite. Please do not litter and clean up behind you. Leave all places, and sure nature, clean.

You can have and practice your religion but do not expect others to make the same choice, nor shout it from the rooftops (minarets).
Don’t force things on others when they don’t want something !
Don’t make your freedom a burden to others !!!

Understand that people make different choices, have other opinions, other ideas, other backgrounds and other dreams.
Don’t judge people because they are different than you or don’t fit in your box of thinking.
Know that we all are individuals with our own personal specific way of life.

If you act out on others because of their difference to you, then understand they too can do the same towards you, and is that what you would like it to be ?
Maybe we can start first to go see for the similarities between us in staid of the differences ! That too can lead to a better understanding and to more Respect.

Neo Van de Velde

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