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Watch the sunset

Sunset watching is an excellent way to introduce yourself to meditation.

Even with something so changing, amazing and beautiful, it is easy to note one’s restlessness, discomfort with the thoughts that come up or embrace the moment for a visual, relaxed, few moments of connection

Please avoid looking directly into the sun!

Watch the changes in the light, whatever is around you. See how the last, lowering movement of the sun, combined with wind, or clouds informs what happens in the sky and how looks.

See where your head goes and come back to looking.

Feel how the temperature change reflects on your body and come back to looking.
Move about; wriggle, twitch, dance, exercise, walk or keep still and keep looking

When the light changes from day light to twilight, it is possible to still see well but we know that
that the moment won’t last long.

Looking directly at the sun for 20 minutes, will damage your sight, even at sunset.
So give it a miss!

If you find a place and the time, the changes in the light intensity and direction can be felt
in the body, mind and spirit, smelt (less and less essential oils evaporating,) maybe even tasted.

It gets cooler, maybe you only feel the temperature change in one specific area or side of the body.
The colours of everything around us change many times in the minutes before it becomes dark and it is not longer possible to see them.

It is the process of things changing from an item to a form to a silhouette or shadow to darkness.

You can easily look up the time of sunset, give yourself a break at the window, on the balcony, in the garden or in a park,


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