“We Face the Mother of all Depressions”

There is no pandemic. Coronavirus is cover for unprecedented money creation, a pretext
to bankrupt and destroy the West.

“Ten years from now, the West will be unrecognizable. Not a shadow of its former self.”

“Pure Magick. They’re at the top of their game at the moment. This is a huge high point for them. It’s about destroying American/Western hegemony. America is downgraded to ‘just another Great Power’ status. America and Europe will part ways. Sooner rather than later. This is actually a HUGE victory for Putin and Dugin, who are NOT the good guys.”

Let nobody tell you the current financial meltdown is about ‘the Corona virus’.

The Collapse began September 27th last year, when the repo market’s interest-rate spiked to 10%. Banks have to balance their books every night, and they borrow from each other to do this. This interest-rate spike meant they stopped lending to each other. Like they did in 2008, when the Libor rates went to similar territory. They haven’t lent to each other since. The Fed has been bailing them out every night. The virus is cover for another bank bailout.

Not ‘just another bank bail out’. The whole thing is melting down. The Derivative Bubble. The Debt Bubble. Corona is what they created to distract everybody with. A to Z, make no mistake, I do not say this lightly.

And it had been ongoing since September.

And think about it: they published that novel in the eighties, about how a ‘virus’ ‘from wuhan’ was going to wreak havoc in ‘2020’.

These fucktards have known this would be the date for literally multi-score decades.


Meanwhile: there is no ‘pandemic’. A handful of oldies are dying of what’s looking like a nasty flu. Their average age of death is 81 in Italy. 79 in Holland. Their numbers are minute: in Holland we’re talking about 40 deaths up till now. Still, the whole country is grinding to a standstill, not because of the ‘virus’ and ‘sick people’, but because of the insane overreaction by the Government.

Disclaimer: I’m just reporting on the observable facts. In the early days, I was fearing this was the Big New World Order’s Depopulation Virus just as much as the next guy.

The Pandemic There are now a grand total of………….6500 deaths world wide. In six weeks time. Most of them in China.

At least, that’s what we’re told. We’re also being told they don’t have tests. It’s called gaslighting.

(In Italy, 77% of fatalities are over 70)
In Italy, over a weeks time, a grand total of 1000 oldies (81 year average) have died. According to the Italian Government, by far most of these people were suffering from serious health issues already, including heart failure, high blood pressure, and all the tribulations old people are prone to. They say it is even impossible to say they actually died of the ‘virus’, only that they ‘likely’ had it.

There is no test for the ‘corona virus’. What they are doing is quite superficial diagnoses of the respiratory system. What is happening is that anything that looks ‘bad’, is being labeled ‘corona’. This is what you get in a mass psychosis.

Disclaimer: I’m just reporting on the observable facts. In the early days, I was fearing this was the Big New World Order’s Depopulation Virus just as much as the next guy.

In Holland, there have been under 2000 cases, according to the RIVM, the Dutch CDC. Their reporting has been really quite succinct and to the point. And the facts really speak for themselves: – 1705 cases (diagnosed in the way described above) – 43 deaths – Average age of the deceased: 79 (81 life expectancy) – By far most suffering from serious additional health issues. – A grand total of 314 people have been admitted to ICU’s. In the entire country. By far most are now back home.

Meanwhile: all restaurants, bars, coffee shops (where the Dutch go buy their weed), and food take outs are forced to close. All events have been cancelled. Self-employed people and small business have seen their work commitments for the coming months just wiped out. Airliners are grounded, and can’t last even a few weeks without business. All gatherings of 100 people or more are outlawed.

Mark Rutte, the Dutch PM, held a televised ‘speech to the People’. I felt forced to watch it, because the fear was quite real he would order a total lock down of the country. Including outlawing leaving the house, enforced by the Army.

Macron has announced such measures in France. While things are the same there as in Holland. We got lucky here, though. For now. They’re promising/threatening ‘additional measures’, ‘depending on developments’, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

San Francisco is getting closed down too. It would be nice to assume this is just your usual Californian Bolshevist Madness, but much of the US probably will follow suit, in the days ahead.

In Spain, which is touted as the ‘biggest hotbed besides Italy’, the State is using drones to order people around, just as in Wuhan. People there too are grounded. A few hundred old people have died. Spain has 47 million people who are not allowed to leave their dwellings.

And it’s the same picture everywhere.

In New York State, the first ‘corona death’ was reported Saturday night: an 82 year old woman suffering from lung emphysema.

In Luxembourg, also Saturday, the first ‘corona death’ was a 94 year old.

Since January first, scores of thousands of 80 year old or thereabout folks have died of the flu, general malaise, whatever, in the EU. They do so every year during ‘the season’. They don’t end up in Intensive Care at all.


People are just completely bamboozled by scary graphs of ‘exponential growth’. But if there is ‘exponential growth’, why are there 6500 deaths world wide after six weeks? Most of whom have died in China during the early days of the ‘outbreak’?

Shouldn’t we be hauling off thousands of body bags by now?

It’s completely the Media doing it. Including the Alternative Media.

Conveniently, they’re saying ‘don’t pay with cash, it’s contagious’. Using a debit card machine that was just used by all sorts of drooling and coughing customers is apparently ‘safe’.

Of course they’d use this in their war on cash. Just over the last few weeks, Dutch Banks suddenly Unisono closed their atm’s between 23:00 and 7:00. Presumably to ‘stop robberies’. A story only journalists and the women and children believe.

Why were people buying toilet paper? Not just in America, but in the UK, Holland, France, as well? Because all the State/Corporate Media are probably running the same CIA scripts. They always do, so assuming they do so now as well is hardly a very wild guess.

Just imagine how much fun they must have had, and all the poo jokes they have been making about all the Goy/peasants eating it all up.

The ‘Alternative Media’ (90% of which is of course just trolling Jews and the CIA) is plugging the scary stories about the NWO depopulation virus, and how about ‘the Government is lying to us’. Half the population lends at least some credence to these propositions (as well they should), so this is professionally exploited by the wizards.

Honorary mention: Jon Rappoport has been one of the very few making any sense at all. He had it all figured from day one. Read his archive.

Meanwhile, in the real world Sunday, the Fed announced a panicky 100 point downgrade of interest rates to 0%.

They announced an emergency package of $700 Billion QE. Outright asset purchasing to ‘help price levels’ in ‘the markets’.

This was after last week, when they had given out $1,5 Trillion in short term loans on the repo market. I’m very unsure how much of these short term loans are actually coming back. Could be 100%. But it would very much surprise me.

This move had ‘stabilized’ ‘the markets’ for about 5 minutes.

The $700 Billion mega asset purchasing package ‘limited’ the damage on the futures market to ‘only’ 1000 points. Monday, yesterday, the Dow lost 10%.

The S&P index last night ended 30% lower than 10 days ago.

Interestingly, Mitch Romney and Ilhan Omar have both been calling for $1000 hand outs to normal people. Of course, ‘to help them bridge lost income due to ‘corona”.

But in reality, giving normal people cash hand outs has been under discussion for years in the regulatory scene: they know outright Bank bailouts are hated beyond measure, and giving the money to the people, while obviously not the preferred option, is just another way to keep reflating the System as long as they can.

When they are ‘forced’ to do this, it’s as bad as it looks.

Central Banks have been talking about buying up ‘distressed market assets’ for years also. They have openly announced they would do ‘whatever it takes’, and the Fed too, last Sunday, promised ‘more if needed’.

Nice, no? These scumbags buying everything up with freshly printed Euros and Greenbacks? To save the World, no less?

Next, they will consolidate everything in the State, and use that mega Capital as the foundation for their ‘Communitarian’ (Communism 2.0) World State.

Governments already own a huge chunk of ‘the markets’, through pension funds, as visible in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports they publish next to their ‘official’ numbers.


A magician does something with his left hand, as he signals his audience to look at his right hand.

They have been at it since late September. Remember that ‘impeachment’? Everybody was just wondering: ‘what’s it all about?’ Well, it was about distracting people from the financial implosion that had begun.

Soleimani? He got blown away on the day that……….the Federal Reserve reported they had already doled out $6 TRILLION short term loans on the repo market. They have been at it ever since, and it would be interesting to know what they have already given out. At this rate, they must be well in to 12, 15 Trillion territory, which is 2008 all over again, with the Fed doling out 16 TRILLION in loans to its Bankster buddies, $9 Trillion of which they admitted ‘they cannot account for.’

2008 all over again? Well, this is only the beginning, 2008 was just a prelude, a walk in the park. It mostly served to make all major States and Central Banks use all their ammo. Rates are already at 0%. Government debt everywhere, including the US, is standing at 100% plus. They have very little they can do this time, other than printing, printing, printing.


While they’re utterly annihilating the World economy, people are begging Big Brother to please ground them, and have the Army enforce a lock down, and do more to ‘stop the virus’.

Resistance is forestalled, as people coming together is outlawed ‘cuz corona’. In Austria it’s actually illegal since Monday to meet with more than five at a time!

Make no mistake whatsoever: this is the New World Order’s long awaited Big Push.

The US Empire is not the New World Order. America and the US Empire were created to conquer the World for them, and now that they have, they can go.

Ten years from now, the West will be unrecognizable. Not a shadow of its former self.

Agenda 2030 and its far-reaching social engineering goals, including the end of private land holdings, will be called for by the masses everywhere.

The Bank is planning to foreclose on the entire West in the decade ahead.

The issue that has swept through the ages, that of the People vs. the Banks, will have to be faced now.

We are facing HUGE depression. The Mother Of All Depressions.

I’m unsure about what’s next, especially the timing, but look for some sort of Gold based ‘reset’. We’re going to see years of massive depression, deleveraging, deflation, and insane pain.

The US Empire will be dismantled, and they will retain only some assets, mostly in the pacific, but Europe will come under Russian influence.

There will be major upheavals, no doubt about it, including white flight, as life in the West will become very difficult, both because of the economic disaster, and because of insane State overreach.

Yes, the virus is just a total nothing burger aimed at nothing to keep the masses spellbound, begging for the State’s authoritarian measures to ‘stop the virus’, while the whole economy is being annihilated.

And it’s beyond scary how effective they are.
Note- There is a major dollar squeeze going on. The question is what is causing it. And it’s not ‘the irresponsible press’. There’s some massive black hole at the center of the Financial System, most likely associated with the Derivative Bubble.

People will go into USD cash as a ‘safe haven’, but probably also because the Big Five of Wall Street are the counter parties in the derivative trade, and they’re basically, ultimately, on the hook for ALL RISK in the whole financial sector.


In ‘defining moment,’ San Francisco to order residents to stay home over coronavirus
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