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Black Women Brewing Craft Beer?

Sometimes some (blak) women wanna get into some places where I am convinced that the desire is born from the fact that they are devoid of crucial points of knowledge and/or lacking in good sense.

Gal Dem who sadly I find uninspiring at best, had an article about craft beer and what a good/great idea it was that more black women should be making it.

This article was posted a fair bit by black women on fb because of course gal dem is young black women supposedly sending a different kind of message. The whole article is steeped in the assumptions of the privileged. I personally have zero interest in reading the interests and perspectives of one of the educated in the upper echelons, financially well endowed regardless of age and colour.

As to black women becoming beer makers you can stuff it because I effing hate cleaning.

I am often inspired to DRINK beer though rarely most modern craft beers made by young white men and not the ones I drank made by women either. Actually I prefer cider.

The craft beer industry is devoid, in my opinion of black woman because in general we would rather spend out lives/leisure/money having some off time for all the emotional cleaning up we are forced into in the wyt world.

Anyway and probably more importantly, I live with a craft beer brewer, an excellent beer recipe designer, a scientist. Most of the craft beers I’ve tasted do not compare or come anywhere near the standard of his worst beers.

I see the time that goes into each beer recipe, the hard physical labour, attention to detail, ability to think, manoeuvre, adapt in the moment (and high % of cleaning) necessary to ensure a successful brewing process, which doesn’t always achieve a successful beer.

The (craft beer) world is definitely hideously beset by sexism and sexist advertising. This is without doubt something that needs to be brutally dealt with and wherever possible wiped out by dialogue, boycotting where necessary, shaming whenever possible and continuous and negative commentary.

I would say that the reason for this unnecessary (sometimes inadvertent) oppression is due to a lack of foresight and relevant information because most brewers (have beards because they) can’t get a shag (are girlfriend/wife less) and need to drink!

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