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A Few Ideas/Opinions That Might Rankle

Let me begin by saying that my premise is that the most precious thing that we possess is our body and our energy – if you do not agree with that, then you may as well go and make yourself a cup of tea and stop reading now because that is the basis of everything elsein this article.

Also let us be clear that money in my world view, has absolutely no value whatsoever in of itself. It is a means of exchange that has been forced upon us – like all the other things which I contend have been forced upon us by coercion, mis-education, lies and violence.

Here a a few more un nuanced, premises

The medical ‘profession’ is your enemy.

You and your mis-beliefs are your greatest enemy and the greatest enemy to peace and happiness

Peace and happiness are possible to achieve, if very unlikely at the current time.

Everyone currently involved in the medical profession believes the body to be a machine made up of components, which have little bearing to each other. They believe that stuff that goes in in your head can be sorted by cutting or drugging bits of you away.

The medical profession promise to make you better, they do not say they will heal you.

The root of the word heal means to be whole. Healing means to make whole again and a system based on seeing you as component parts to a machine cannot make you whole.

Your body and your energy – which is your thoughts emotions and the things you choose to do with the limited time we have here are the most valuable things you will ever receive. I do not say your life. In a society that is so lacking in humanity, telling people that life is what is valuable is, seems, kinda rude.

The last time there was a system in Europe that was geared towards healing people was in the 13th century and before – before the witch burnings. All systems of healthcare based in holism have been discredited. The Doctors we have nowadays are mostly descended from the third,fourth or fifth sons of nobility and butchers. The roles was designed to keep the nobility above the masses, as were all ‘professions’.

Rightly or wrongly people genuinely trust their doctors, usually wanting them remove the need to take responsibility for personal healthcare. And doctors believe and act as if they are all knowing, all seeing, when in actual fact most of the time, despite decades of study they know little about human beings or being human. As anyone who has ever tried to have a conversation of equals with a consultant or surgeon knows.

People are being experimented on on an hourly basis and any results that might jeopardize the profit margin are disregarded. Doctors are the hidden and often personally dedicated and caring ugly face of a system designed to keep you working in slightly less than optimal condition, so that your function as healthcare system user is producing an experiment base for your exploiter and/i.e. creating money for pharmaceutical companies. Everything that is prescribed to you by the Dr is designed first to create profit and only secondly to heal.

In the past thirty years there has been no work done on creating new antibiotics despite the fact that it is well known that they loose efficacy after as little as five years. Most research money goes into creating mood/mind altering drugs, for all the desperately unhappy people of the West because that makes much more money than antibiotics.

Now a hospital is the most likely place to catch an incurable antibiotic resistant bacterial infection.

People are addicted to the idea of a quick fix. Because they also regard their bodies as pieces of a machine. Most are unwilling to invest the time and energy needed to actually heal oneself.

When you ask someone how they are feeling, they rarely respond with an emotion as an answer. The answers are usually thoughts, judgement, ideas or pseudo emotions.

When someone says I feel judged/mediocre/put down/stupid/offended” or “I feel that you don’t listen to me.” There will be some negative emotion that reflects something about their world that isn’t working well. But instead of identifying the emotion and getting in touch with the feeling, the experience is judged and then people deceive themselves into thinking the judgement is an emotion It is not. Emotions are seen as dangerous, something to be avoided whenever possible. Why? I would guess because real emotions are directly connected to universal truth.

Most so called witches were midwives and healers, who serviced communities. They usually lived a little apart from the main dwellings, closer to nature. These women in the main were independent, autonomous and because of their close relationship to the natural world least inclined to take on board the clearly erroneous, nonsensical, ideas and doctrines that the church was promoting, which was clearly detrimental to peoples health.

Telling people that some people are superior to others, telling people that their love is subject to rules of who and how, telling people that they are intrinsically bad and on top of that cursed and on top of that completely subject to a violent, vicious tyrant and his chosen group of sword wielding, land grabbing thieves will not create a sense of safety and welfare. People who feel unsafe and under threat are unlikely to feel happy, secure and at peace which is the basis for sound mental health.

But if you keep repeating the same message, with liberal amounts of violence; killing all the people who disagree with you and killing even quicker the ones who don’t bother to disagree but just ignore or try to avoid you, eventually all you are left with are people who believe the message and don’t even realise that their mental health is severely compromised by their beliefs.

Many people believe that humans are intrinsically violent and that violence is the only answer. If you are one of those people – Do you realise that every single pacifist society that has ever come into contact with the Europeans has been wiped out? And not just the Europeans, the Aryans started it some two thousand years before the Xtian era, and it has been continued since.

The indigenous groups who have been most allowed to survive are all the ones that advocate the use of violence while their peaceful and usually more plentiful relatives have been more or less wiped out of existence from Australia and New Zealand, through Indonesia and the rest of Asian, to the Americas. Every peace loving cult group that has set up in Christian countries has been either massacred or subverted.

The Quakers may be conscientious objectors but they supported slavery big time and made psychical restraints for use on black people which they sold to the apartheid regime.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King had seriously dodgy issues around women and Gandhi believed in the abhorrent caste system but it was their choice of non violence that got them killed.

Our societies are drenched in violence. Look at any American film. What does it tell you? – sometimes violence is the only way to solve a situation, and even if it isn’t it sorts things out quickly without having to be emotional. There is no comeback if you are violent for the right reasons and it really is OK to kill people. Because if you feel you need to kill them – especially if you are a white man, then they probably really need to die.

The best thing that any one can do in their lives is get married. People who are not beautiful have no right to be represented and no one wants to see them anyway. The definition of beauty is narrow. But a face that has been cut into by a surgeon is better looking that one that hasn’t. Maybe because they can express less emotions. It is not nice but it is

OK and fairly normal to hunt and terrorise women. Women are only on the planet to service men’s visual and sexual desires and needs. The only way to give birth is lying slightly propped up on your back so that you can give the Dr a good view and do enough damage to make a stay in the hospital pay dividends. Sex organs are evil and must never been seen, while mutilation, torture, rape, murder are not only safe to watch but entertaining. I would invite any of our listeners to find me an American film that gives different messages.

So how can I believe that world peace and individual happiness are possible?

I know that potentially human beings are limitless in what they can achieve. I know that most people deeply desire to be happy, to be able to give love and to feel loved, I know that so called miracles happen when people change their mind set. I know that happiness occurs when one person makes an effort to be courageous.

Being courageous means questioning some of your deeply held beliefs. What you think or say about others is only a reflection of you own mind state.

As you know dear studio sharers and listeners I do not advocate love, being loving, loving unconditionally as a solution to anything – not even loneliness.

It is courage we need, the courage to actively promote planetary change through personal practices. Make a stand for one thing your thing, something that really matters and makes sense to you. Choose to opt out of one of the snares that make us our own and other peoples oppressors.

Choose one thing that will be your personal battlefield for planetary change. Once I got one and kept to it until it became effortless, I found I could take on another. I drive a car, I eat meat and dairy, I have a pet cat, I wear leather and cotton and silk (when I can!)

However I do not eat chocolate, drink coffee, black tea or orange juice. Apart from salami and sausages I try to keep my use of processed foods to an absolute minimum. I refuse to buy salad dressings, breakfast cereals, diet products, I make pretty much all of my body care products, I try to use public transport or the bike before the car. They are all little things, tiny choices.

They are not necessarily good choices of battle ground for anyone else. There are many who are pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan as their battle ground as long as we accept that we are all different and it’s more important to focus on getting everyone to have that one battlefield than to judge and condemn other choices. I invite the listeners to tell us what theirs are and to remember to share them with as many people as possible and more importantly, whenever you feel it,

Share the Joy
Heli St Luce

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