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Bourgeon Theta Healing Experience

Theta Healing is a healing modality created by Vianna Stibal. There appear to have been a large number of very positive responses, stories, healings attributed to it.

I spent 2017 immersed in the culture and following courses in London with a company called Bourgeon. The biggest thing that struck me initially was Bourgeon’s grammar issues and the dreadful editing on all the course material. I chose to rise above my judgement but in retrospect it was an indication, as I suspected.

It is of course possible to spend a lifetime doing any kind of learning trajectory and one year and five courses is a very limited amount of time. But after the last course I cancelled the following one. I did buy a dvd and a couple of books by Vianna, you also get some included on the courses. I do not recommend either.

I do however highly recommend trying the free resources on the Bourgeon.co.uk website particularly the morning and evening theta healing meditations. They kick started my journey, change and are still a great support in my daily life.

My conclusion is that it is not for me. Another woman friend discovered Theta (separately to me) in the same year and after her initial (miraculous) session decided it was not for her after one course.

I believe it is to each of our benefit to try anything that appeals that comes along our path. I choose to always try and enter something alternative and/or new with an attitude of ‘suspended disbelief’ and reflect after each ‘module’.

I signed up for 6 courses to get a 25% discount – very generous. I liked the offered, potential content and on every course I met at least one fabulous person usually two or three. The participants are 98% women. If I lived in the UK where I chose to do the courses I am sure I would be in contact with many if not all of them. There were also many women who traveled from all over the world to attend Anna’s courses (& probably men too but I didn’t meet any).

I chose to do the trainings in the UK because the NL translations (and the fact that here it seems to be 100% mono cultural) came across as very different and inappropriate for me.

Although I had quite negative experiences and have chosen not to go ahead, I will share my response with you (dear readers) and would still encourage you if you have the time, energy, need, to give Theta a shot and then lets chat further about it…

Being in a Bourgeon course by Anna Kitney reminded most of being back at secondary school. Made aware that you had somehow gotten into the popular girls group to your and their amazement and because you were there they couldn’t actually tell you to leave or that you weren’t wanted but in general they made it pretty clear that you were a) out of your league b)hopelessly outgunned and c) really not de rigueur.

There is a lot of good stuff in Theta, it connects you to yourself, aligns you, validates you and your desires. It opens your ability to heal both yourself and others. It admits and shows that healing is something that anybody can do. It validates the sentience of the planet – kind of – trees, plants animals definitely.

However it is not a place where feminists or scientists will really blossom or feel at home. It is weighted under the fairly limited world view of an American so it is focussed on money making, fitting in to the norm and monotheistic, capitalist ideals. Which for me kinda get in the way of true planetary healing which is what I am aiming for.

My major issues with the module comes from the fact that in addition to certifying anyone who finishes as course (literally nothing else is necessary) to be a professional healer (and a pyramid scheme for the woman who started it to become a billionaire) in Theta you are given a hotline to God – who ‘talks’ to you, tells you about your client. All u have to do is ‘see, hear, feel or ‘know’.

All practising in the classes is on the basis of small groups usually pairs, one takes the role of therapist the other client. I made a point of never revealing my reasons for being there and the barest minimum about my background so I could check out what ‘God’ told them about me.

I’m going to digress a little and tell you that although one of my good friends told it is not OK to ask people their sexual orientation I get asked a lot and if people ask me “Are you a lesbian?” I always answer yes. I am a lover of women and they would be my sexual preference but somehow I always seem to end up in long term relationships with really gorgeous men – personality and looks

(honest!) The latest who was ‘The Last Man’ has been around now for 20 years and it’s still lots of fun.

So every Theta class I did nearly everyone I worked with (There were only three women in total on five courses who actually asked me) got told by God that I ‘needed to know’ what it felt like to be loved or be in a relationship and/or that my ‘ideal relationship’ would soon come. When I told people that I was busy with the ‘child question’ God didn’t tell them I already had a child. ‘He’ told them my (in)fertility would be sorted/healed.

I don’t want to boast, however, I do know what it feels like to be loved. I am massively loved by family and friends to the point of it being a burden when I am having one of my decreasingly frequent downs. I will leave it to your imagination to ponder why even Anna was surprised to hear that I had a very happy relationship thank you and that was way removed from the reason why I was doing the courses.

Don’t get me wrong I am more than happy to accept ‘God’ bringing me an even better relationship. However there is no way that I am even vaguely prepared to accept a God who sees and thinks of me the way the majority of the women I worked with on those courses communicated his/their vision.

Theta gave me the space/skills/energy/time to cure my relationship with my mother,(this wasn’t on a course led by Anna) it improved and healed my relationship with myself and my surroundings immeasurably. In the first instance it led to an enormous amount of positive impetus and transformation of my life when Anna told me that to address the issues I brought to her in our Skype session the easiest, quickest form would be changing my name. So much ‘miraculous’ benefit has come from that simple but, not easy decision it’s mind blowing.

If I was in the financial status where being a client would have been of interest to Anna and possible for me, I would definitely have done more one to one sessions with her. However, to get better ‘value for my money’ (& certification to practice Theta healing) I joined the courses. It is important to state that there is a low bar on the course prices so they are available to all.

Working in a group has the potential to shift through issues much more quickly than working one to one. However it also highlights any flaws in a program. I did Psychology of Vision for a number of years, until the money I had then saved ran out. Chuck Spezzano’s method truly addresses people’s issues it challenges and practically forces you to get right to the point of changing whatever is necessary. On Anna’s courses she pandered to the issues of those of her rich clients unwilling to change, to the detriment of anyone else on a course with them.

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