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What to do with the old Great Goddess

This was a presentation in English for Alwareness some years ago.

Once there was only the Great Goddess.

The first recognised civilizations had a Goddess as the focus of their worship, dated to
about 6,000 years ago. “Some authorities would extend the period of Goddess worship as
far into the past as the Upper Paleolithic Age of about 25,000 years before the current era,
roughly 27,000 years ago(1).

The official, recognised and recorded ‘cult’ worship of the Goddess continued unabated,
changing but ever present until the official closing of the last Goddess temple in the year 500 of
the current era.

From at the very earliest 1,800 years b.c.e. or just under 4,000 years ago Abraham and his
kin launched an attack designed to remove every vestige of Her from the face of the planet
and the memory of humankind.

How would you view the world and yourself if you had been brought up with the idea of a
female deity as the norm. Maybe you think it wouldn’t matter.

In my personal belief system, people are neither solely male nor female. Although we are
dimorphic. I see/sense 12% – 88% of either, on a sliding scale of ‘animus’ and ‘anima

If one (say aliens) were to categorize humans scientifically, then neither race, sex nor class
would be a category that could be used. All three have been formulated by our current
hegemonic(2), patriarchal(3) culture to make women enemies to themselves and each other and
to isolate men from themselves and their environment. It is working well enough, if not to
be considered perfectly.

The knowledge and realisation of the above drives me to work for what is usually termed
self actualisation. This term comes from the church and the fact they have a term for it and
that God has told them specifically that it is not allowed could be seen as valid proof of it’s
potential and necessity. The things I have been taught, learnt, seen and experienced show
the teachings of the Goddess to be a widely applicable and viable mode of self

The Goddess is the planet EaRtH(4). It is everything that moves, or crawls, that can be felt or
seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelt or sensed. Humanity is as intrinsic a part of that as we
choose to make ourselves. Currently we are in serious danger of forcing the Earth to shed
us. If we continue as we are it could become impossible for us to live on her but the planet
will survive us.

All women are intrinsically aware that there is something ‘special’ about them. Most
women try to define and display that special’ness with their physical appearance and their

My work is for women to realise that that feeling is real and valid and that it has to do with
the fact that our bodies are a physical representation of the planet. Our bodies themselves,
whatever colour or shape, connect us to the Goddess. For thousands of years humanity
worshiped, revered, honoured, celebrated our bodies, how they functioned and all the
process that we go through. Our bodies were where everyone went to pray.

Prayer can and often is, deeply private and personal. For the Goddess worshipers prayer
also had an essential, communal, rejuvenating, healing, manifesting aspect that was
seasonally celebrated. The energy of collective female orgasms particularly, (and where
willed) supported and/or maintained by male (orgasmic) energy. This was believed to aid, support, and steer; the weather, the crops, the animal herds and hunters, the fish and the birds

Our society has moved us so far from the original connotations of the act of worship it is
impossible to even contemplate attempting to recreate those rituals. We need to move
towards a space where women themselves respect and refuse to objectify their bodies. We
need women valued, women fulfilled and happy outside as well as inside the home.Women raised in a world where how they look is immaterial. Women who have been and are given a sense of worth that is based in who they are. Wimin honoured in the society as the carriers of life. Honoured Wombed Ones – womb’n!

What we are, is how we choose to be, and how we choose to view life. The big issue is that
when a person decides they want to be happy, the universe throws everything at them that
is causing them to be unhappy, so that they have the possibility to sort it out.

However, happiness is not the absence of problems and challenges. It is the knowledge
that whatever life or nature throws at you, when you survive, you can thrive.

Working continuously to create our own happiness is a difficult task. But when we focus
on our own happiness, we give others both an example and permission to do the same.
Real ‘joy’ lies in both ourselves and others becoming happy together.

Looking at where we are today realistically there are so many indications that despite how
beautiful we strive to be, there is much evidence that we are part of a damaged and sick
society or mindset. The good news is that when we change the way we think the society
will change.

The Journeying Cycle, following the Earth centered ‘Wheel of the Year’ is a year program
of gatherings with guided meditation, sharing voice, mystery school and creative activities
to support us through the changing seasons and cycles in ourselves and our lives. We
celebrate the 8 pagan sabbaths and have four gatherings on the months where there is no
sabbath. These four are always wimin only

The Journying takes places within a structure based on a 4 seasonal year. The guided
meditations are aimed at providing a safe and protected sphere in which to relax and de
stress awhile building direct communication channels to the subconscious, where all our
answers lie

All Goddess rituals are a celebration of the binary as a the source of the spark of life of all. Two Spirit energies can often embrace the power of both the Divine Feminine and Sacred

Every person (in my humble opinion) needs to develop those powers openly and for the benefit of all. Instead of the current norm which is to use anima energy covertly or coercively for the mutual
gain of a selected elite.

My magical name is Maxi McNaughty, warrior priestess for the Goddes EaRtH. Maxi is
short for Maxim anima – to hopefully counter balance the rampant male energies within.

1 When God Was A Woman – Merlin Stone pxii 1976 Harvest/Harcourt Brace with The Dial              2. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/hegemonical
3. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/patriarchy?s=t
4. I write it like that to pronounce a Hurrh/Her!



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